New Website

Hello. If you have tried visiting my website of late, you might have noticed that something curious was afoot – ie. it wasn’t there. There is a reason why, and has to do with a rather frustrating error. I managed to completely balls it up. I had been planning to…

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The Smoke in the Fog

Throughout the night, the moisture on the cold stone floor had turned to frost. It began to seep through the fabric of David’s trousers, thawing a patch around his knee. The poker clacked against the grate, stirring the embers and spreading the cinders. David exhaled a misty cloud of breath; blown ashes…

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Lockdown Rambles #1

While on lockdown rambles to explore the nearby countryside, the further I ventured, the more places previously unknown revealed themselves. These discoveries captured my attention; and with that, my imagination. Having taken plenty of photos of the things I had seen, I later started looking at the images from a…

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A Title Reveal

Good morning! It’s been a while . . . Lately I have been busy banging away at drafts of my new novel. Written over six weeks in August to September last year, with every line since edited and re-edited, and then edited again, there was one thing that I simply…

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Heart Eyes

He was walking faster than she was, almost two steps to every one of hers. From thirty yards behind her, he couldn’t know that she had her earphones in. It was only a few steps ago that he had noticed her at all, walking along the street ahead of him.…

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Between 2015-2019, I wrote a series of (mostly) real life stories from the record shop that I worked in at the time. Included here – all in one place for the first time – is the complete anthology.

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