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If you have tried visiting my website of late, you might have noticed that something curious was afoot – ie. it wasn’t there. There is a reason why, and has to do with a rather frustrating error. I managed to completely balls it up. I had been planning to change the website around, but this forced my hand, somewhat.

So, here it is! The new, redesigned website. Do have a dig around, and please do also let me know if any of the links don’t work – I have checked that it is all in order, but there is always just that one last little oversight.

For those of you who have been frustrated by the missing site – and also for anyone who didn’t notice, I suppose – there is a new short story to discover, too. It is called The Furthest Limit. I’ve never really tried writing anything like it before. It began as a story, but ended up taking shape as poetic verse. I really enjoyed writing it, and tinkering with it since, so might do some more of them later. As ever, please do let me know what you think of it, even if it you don’t like it.

Read The Furthest Limit

Visit the website

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