The Lockdown Rambles #4

The places that I explored on these lockdown rambles, inspiring finds so close to my home, I will revisit often. The pictures that I took serve as a kind of photographic diary, a reminder of the unique times that we have all lived through, something positive to take away from a troubling period that hasContinue reading “The Lockdown Rambles #4”

The Lockdown Rambles #2

While on rambles to explore the nearby countryside throughout lockdown, the further I ventured, the more places previously unknown revealed themselves. These discoveries captured my attention; and with that, my imagination. Later, I started looking at the images that I took from a different perspective, in a different light. The object of the eye mightContinue reading “The Lockdown Rambles #2”

Heart Eyes

He was walking faster than she was, almost two steps to every one of hers. From thirty yards behind her, he couldn’t know that she had her earphones in. It was only a few steps ago that he had noticed her at all, walking along the street ahead of him. 😍 She had only oneContinue reading “Heart Eyes”

The Evolution Of A Story: A Character Takeover

It is time for an update, regarding the latest project: This morning I finished draft one of the new novel. I have never had such a blast writing something. What’s more, something happened – kept happening throughout the story – while I was doing this one that I thought made it worthy of sharing. SoContinue reading “The Evolution Of A Story: A Character Takeover”

Tales From A Record Shop #10

Well, hi there. It’s been a while. (About 205 days, I think, if I’ve been counting right.) Let’s get straight on, shall we. I’ve got another little tale to tell. And this time it’s not very funny . . . The focus on writing about daily life in a record shop has always been toContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop #10”


From the edge of the forest I find the window. One of the many eyes of the city. To find it, I do not need to seek it. Three floors beneath the sign. The neon glow, startling the night. My eyes are drying. I grind soil between my forefingers and thumb. Soothing, and the scentContinue reading “Regeneration”

Tales From A Record Shop: What A Difference A Year Makes – A Year Of Songs

When you add up a year of days, so much can change. Here are some of the songs that helped to inspire my year.