Tales From A Record Shop #10

Well, hi there. It’s been a while. (About 205 days, I think, if I’ve been counting right.) Let’s get straight on, shall we. I’ve got another little tale to tell. And this time it’s not very funny . . . The focus on writing about daily life in a record shop has always been toContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop #10”


From the edge of the forest I find the window. One of the many eyes of the city. To find it, I do not need to seek it. Three floors beneath the sign. The neon glow, startling the night. My eyes are drying. I grind soil between my forefingers and thumb. Soothing, and the scentContinue reading “Regeneration”

Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs

Hello. So why on earth would I have Mary Berry as the poster girl for my A Year of Songs for 2018? How could she be relevant? Let’s just get straight to it, shall we . . . Idles: Well Done This band. They’ve done amazingly well, and they fully deserve it. The energy of the songsContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs”

Christmas Wishes

It was Christmas Eve and the snow outside lay deep and crisp and scattered with the icy little jewels of Prudence’s tears. The day before Christmas had been a Christmas horror for Prudence. Sleep, the lack of it, making her head heavy. When making her morning coffee, the putrid stench of the turned milk. HavingContinue reading “Christmas Wishes”

Tales From A Record Shop: What A Difference A Year Makes – A Year Of Songs

When you add up a year of days, so much can change. Here are some of the songs that helped to inspire my year.

When The Last Leaves Fall

Greenwood, Mississippi 1943 It was five minutes before the town bell would announce noon. The door to The Mississippi Jug breezed closed behind the stranger. Leather case in hand, he straightened his waistcoat. His gaze judged the face of each man. Only the women reacted to the new arrival in the juke joint, appraising theContinue reading “When The Last Leaves Fall”

The Mobile Phone Terror Attacks

‘A new wave of terror has hit Europe in the past twenty-four hours,’ the Welsh newsreader was saying as Gwen continued knitting the beanie for her son. ‘So far, injuries have been reported in thirty countries, including the UK. While many of the surviving victims have suffered life changing injuries; most have lost their lives.Continue reading “The Mobile Phone Terror Attacks”