The Lockdown Rambles #1

While on lockdown rambles to explore the nearby countryside, the further I ventured, the more places previously unknown revealed themselves. These discoveries captured my attention; and with that, my imagination. Having taken plenty of photos of the things I had seen, I later started looking at the images from a different perspective, in a differentContinue reading “The Lockdown Rambles #1”

A Title Reveal

Good morning! It’s been a while . . . Lately I have been busy banging away at drafts of my new novel. Written over six weeks in August to September last year, with every line since edited and re-edited, and then edited again, there was one thing that I simply couldn’t settle upon: a title.Continue reading “A Title Reveal”

The Evolution Of A Story: A Character Takeover

It is time for an update, regarding the latest project: This morning I finished draft one of the new novel. I have never had such a blast writing something. What’s more, something happened – kept happening throughout the story – while I was doing this one that I thought made it worthy of sharing. SoContinue reading “The Evolution Of A Story: A Character Takeover”

Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs

Hello. So why on earth would I have Mary Berry as the poster girl for my A Year of Songs for 2018? How could she be relevant? Let’s just get straight to it, shall we . . . Idles: Well Done This band. They’ve done amazingly well, and they fully deserve it. The energy of the songsContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs”

Christmas Wishes

It was Christmas Eve and the snow outside lay deep and crisp and scattered with the icy little jewels of Prudence’s tears. The day before Christmas had been a Christmas horror for Prudence. Sleep, the lack of it, making her head heavy. When making her morning coffee, the putrid stench of the turned milk. HavingContinue reading “Christmas Wishes”