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Within a tunnel, where night is scarcely distinguishable from day, he rests. With an exit at each end, beyond the extremities might be salvation; but the routine of existence is bound inside the darkness.

First published: 13th March 2021

Bring Me Roses (When I’m Dead)

When two adversaries meet beside her grave, conflict seems inevitable. But one of them might yet be able to grant Amelia her dying wish.

First published: 2nd August 2020

Heart Eyes

Walking home, late at night, anyone could be following you. Could it be your Valentine?

First published: 14th February 2020


The end of something can never be the end of everything.

First published: 12th March 2019

About a Girl

How far would you go with a stranger?

First published: 15th September 2018

The End of Judgement

A man is promised the greatest wealth imaginable. First, he must give his life away.

First published: 8th April 2018

When the Last Leaves Fall

Former sergeant Jacob Helland is on the run, evading justice for crimes committed against inmates at Parchman Farm Penitentiary. Determined that Helland be held accountable for his felonies against the constitution, a mysterious Englishman has employed a bounty hunter to track him. As the bounty hunter closes in, he begins to realise that disappearing isn’t Helland’s motivation for elusion.

First published: 10th August 2017

The Mobile Phone Terror Attacks

Unprecedented terror attacks have hit Europe: exploding phones that release deadly gases. As news of fatalities unfold, Gwen Blissett realises that she ordered one of the deadly devices. It is on the way to her son.

First published: 31st July 2017


Jeremy has a special place to go when he is feeling down. Struggling to process the greatest loss of his life, he seeks answers from an ancient pine, Hiro – a site that is haunted

First published: 22nd June 2017

Dirty Old Sod

The party girl of the office, Jodie’s late nights have to stop if she wants to keep her job. Usually it’s just the hangovers that shock her in the morning. Not today.

First published: 25th July 2017

To Breathe Again

It is the time of war. To ensure her safety, Marie has been sent away to the Welsh countryside. In this new and uncertain world, parted from her husband-to-be, all must change.

First published: 14th July 2017

Madame Colti

Colin Babb has a penchant for prostitutes, but has found himself tiring of the same routines. He feels that it’s time to try something new and exciting. So he books a session with the mysterious Madame Colti.

First published: 2nd July 2017


Frustrated with life beneath a tyrannical don, Augustus Drake has an ambitious dream that nothing will stop him from achieving – except for, maybe, his madness.

First published: 1st March 2017

The Weight of Nothing

It can take losing everything to appreciate what you have.

First published: 15th March 2016

The Contraband Compartment

What starts as a game can sometimes end with vengeance.

First published: 7th December 2016

Temporary Measures

Even when you live under the same roof, eat together, and argue with each other on a regular basis, how well do you really know your family?

First published: 23rd November 2016

Waiting for My Man

In the cold mist, revenge will be done.

First published: 7th September 2016


Even before he arrived at work, Andy Durden was already having a bad day. When his recent indiscretions begin to be revealed, he would give anything for just another day of drudgery.

First published: 15th August 2016

Continue Uphill

After another hellish family get-together, all that Rob wants to do is head back to the guest house he is staying in. With smeary windscreen wipers and a broken satnav, the journey home might be even worse.

First published: 4th August 2016

The Self-Catered Man

Since opening their self-catered holiday cottages, Sal and Iain have experienced their fair share of odd guests, but something about the elusive Mr Turner has unsettled Sal. Would you trust a stranger who came to stay?

First published: 20th July 2016

Two Widows, Three Alcoholics

When you have little left to accomplish in life, what else is there to do but drink?

First published: 7th July 2016

Love Matters

Andy loves Louise. Louise loves Andy. So what could possibly come between them?

First published: 21st April 2016

The Sight of Her at Dawn

On a freezing night, Arthur has gone missing from the Sunrise Care Home. If he can’t be found before dawn, he will surely perish in the cold.

First published: 1st April 2016

It’s Wild!

Reality TV star Stuey is filming a nature documentary in the Kalahari. But when the wild bites back, he begins to think that he might be out of his depth.

First published: 16th January 2016

Dis Prat

Life is often easier than you make it for yourself. Not for Mal. That would be impossible. But he has a plan.

First published: 9th March 2016

The Quarry Gang

When you step on to the wrong turf, you’ve got be prepared for anything. For Jools and Danny, is it fight or flight?

First published: 16th December 2015

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