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A Title Reveal

Good morning! It’s been a while . . . Lately I have been busy banging away at drafts of my new novel. Written over six weeks in August to September last year, with every line since edited and re-edited, and then edited again, there was one thing that I simply…

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Working After The Work Is Done: The Distracted Writer

There is no default template to plan your day’s writing. (You probably can find one online, but please don’t. Templates are for administrative letters, C.V.s and flat-pack products.) Formatting your own writing timeline is whatever works for you – there’s no right way and no wrong way; it’s about getting your story down.…

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What Qualifies You To Be A Writer?

A friend recently asked me: How do you introduce yourself to people? I thought for a moment, and then asked: What do you mean? She said: When you introduce yourself to someone, do you say, “I’m a writer”? Chewing my lips for a moment longer, staring at a table, I said that…

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A (made up) People Person: Getting Into Character

Someone Else’s Shoes Character is probably the most important aspect of any convincing story – both the people who drive your story and the tone which you choose to tell your tale: the passages between the characters’ actions and dialogue when you become the chauffer. Bob Dylan said, “I’ll know my song well…

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