Blog: Christmas Stories

The Smoke in the Fog

David thought that he was alone at the fort, but a stray dog has appeared. It is searching for something in the fog.

First Published: 24/12/2020

A Christmas Visitor

Since the ‘accident’, Lord Strumble no longer hosts his Christmas morning hunts. This Christmas, the time has come for him to go out and hunt alone.

First Published: 24/12/2019

Christmas Treats

The drive home for Christmas has been a horror for Jess. And it hasn’t ended yet . . .

First Published: 24/12/2019

Christmas Skies

Imagine heading home from work on Christmas Eve as one of the few people who knows that the world is about to end.

First Published: 24/12/2019

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Eve has been a horror for Prudence. When her work day is finally at its end, all she wants is to go home, have a drink, and go to bed. After a Christmas Eve such as she has had, it surely won’t be that simple.

First Published: 24/12/2018

Christmas Lights

Inside a locked apartment, a young man has died in mysterious circumstances. A ghost hunter has been asked to help with the police enquiry. This Christmas, it’s dangerous when the lights are on.

First Published: 19/12/2016

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