Tales From a Record Shop – The Final One

This is will be our final visit to the record shop. “But why?” Because it’s not my daily day any more. On the 1stJune we finally closed the shop. (If you would like to read our reasons behind the decision, you can find our closing statement here). This final blog is to explain some ofContinue reading “Tales From a Record Shop – The Final One”

Tales From A Record Shop #10

Well, hi there. It’s been a while. (About 205 days, I think, if I’ve been counting right.) Let’s get straight on, shall we. I’ve got another little tale to tell. And this time it’s not very funny . . . The focus on writing about daily life in a record shop has always been toContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop #10”

Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs

Hello. So why on earth would I have Mary Berry as the poster girl for my A Year of Songs for 2018? How could she be relevant? Let’s just get straight to it, shall we . . . Idles: Well Done This band. They’ve done amazingly well, and they fully deserve it. The energy of the songsContinue reading “Tales From A Record Shop: Here’s Where The Story Ends – A Year of Songs”

Tales From A Record Shop: What A Difference A Year Makes – A Year Of Songs

When you add up a year of days, so much can change. Here are some of the songs that helped to inspire my year.