The Mobile Phone Terror Attacks

‘A new wave of terror has hit Europe in the past twenty-four hours,’ the Welsh newsreader was saying as Gwen continued knitting the beanie for her son. ‘So far, injuries have been reported in thirty countries, including the UK. While many of the surviving victims have suffered life changing injuries; most have lost their lives.Continue reading “The Mobile Phone Terror Attacks”

Dirty Old Sod

We are having a reading night at the writer’s group that I attend. The theme is flash fiction. Wikipedia – oh wise, trusty, yet unreliable writer’s tool – says that flash fiction is “work of extreme brevity, including the Six-Word Story, 140-character stories, the dribble (50 words), the drabble (100 words), and sudden fiction (750 words).”Continue reading “Dirty Old Sod”

To Breathe Again

1 In the exposed land halfway between the woods and the farm, I crouch, watching the figure of a man advance along the driveway. He is tall. Is he taller? At this distance I cannot be sure. To steady myself, my hand is on the basket of wood I was carrying; my stomach rests upon myContinue reading “To Breathe Again”

Working After The Work Is Done: The Distracted Writer

There is no default template to plan your day’s writing. (You probably can find one online, but please don’t. Templates are for administrative letters, C.V.s and flat-pack products.) Formatting your own writing timeline is whatever works for you – there’s no right way and no wrong way; it’s about getting your story down. The way that Ian FlemingContinue reading “Working After The Work Is Done: The Distracted Writer”

From R.L. To Peter, Paul and Mary: The Inspiration

The inspiration behind The Reputation of Booya Carthy – and the welcome question that I have been asked most since its release – came from various different sources. It kind of grew from the fledgling idea that I wanted to write a music-based novel. I was going to do the old ‘rock star’ story: aContinue reading “From R.L. To Peter, Paul and Mary: The Inspiration”

A Missing Chapter (*with spoilers*)

I wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be to cut some chapters and chunks from The Reputation of Booya Carthy – mostly because it was well explained what I would lose, or gain, by not keeping them; more often than not to keep the pace of the novel moving. The occasional passage took a littleContinue reading “A Missing Chapter (*with spoilers*)”