The Reputation of Booya Carthy

The Great Depression has hit America. Violent racial hatred remains rife.
Musicians are being targeted.

In a small Mississippi town, all that Calvin ‘Booya’ Carthy wants to do is play the blues. Innocent to the ways of the world, he immerses himself into a cut-throat scene, where even the smallest arguments are settled with bloodshed.

Having attracted the attention of a demanding white lady – wife of a racist bootlegger with sympathisers in the long and corrupt arm of The Law – soon Calvin can no longer seek protection within the crowds who covet his music.

When an even greater threat descends upon Honahee, Calvin must decide how much he is prepared to sacrifice for his reputation. But where is there to hide when everyone knows your name?

Available to buy now, on paperback and for kindle

Praise for The Reputation of Booya Carthy:

“By turns entertaining, gripping and almost unbearably poignant, this moving debut is utterly absorbing.”

“(I was) captivated by the setting, the warmth and humour of the main protagonists, and the sheer poetry of the narrative . . . An evocative story with such tenderness, power and sympathy.”

“A well written tale that keeps you entranced and trapped and the story unfolds . . . If you want a great, entertaining read then this novel is for you – you won’t be disappointed.”

“Well researched and beautifully described.”

“Beautifully written and soulful.”

“A definite 5 star book . . . a great read.”

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The Reputation of Booya Carthy is also available in most other international territories. Please visit your local Amazon page for details.

If you have already read The Reputation of Booya Carthy, a short companion story is available now.
Read it for free here.

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