About Phillip

For as long as Phillip can remember, he has dreamed up ideas for stories. There are numerous sketchbooks full of ideas for new tales (alongside poems, titles, song lyrics, sketches and doodles, scenes for films and comedy sketches).

Back in 2008, he completed his (as-yet-unpublished) debut novel. Having so loved working on it, immediately Phillip began to research what was to become his published debut, The Reputation of Booya Carthy (you can read more about it here . . . 🎸). A barrowful of tales have followed since, some of which can be found on the Short Stories page. Towards the end of this summer, he finished his (as-yet-untitled) third novel.

One of Phillip’s stories, The Weight of Nothing, was included in Kerry Barner’s Best of The Short Story: Volume 2. Another, Madame Colti, was published in a collective anthology titled Stories From Anywhere.

Please do feel free to get in touch with the author and tell him what you think, ask him questions, or even share ideas. He loves to hear from you, whoever you might be, and will endeavour to reply to all of your messages.

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