About Phillip

I  published my debut novel, The Reputation of Booya Carthy, in 2015, the life story of a fictional blues singer, set in depression-era Mississippi. One of my short stories, The Weight of Nothing, was included in Kerry Barner’s Best of The Short Story: Volume 2. Another of my stories – which can also be found on this site – Madame Colti, was published in a recent anthology produced by The Tunbridge Wells Writers, titled Stories From Anywhere.

For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed up ideas for stories. There are numerous sketchbooks full of poems, titles, song lyrics, sketches and doodles, scenes for films and comedy sketches:  it reads like a kind of diary of a wandering mind. Much of it was written after nights out. That much is evident. In 2007 I took a year off work and moved to the south east coast of England to study the art of writing. In that time I wrote my first as-yet-unpublished novel. I had already been playing with the idea of what turned out to be my next novel, the “Booya” book. After over two years of on-and-off research and note-taking – dialogue; scenes; imagery – again I took some time off, moved away, and wrote the novel in about three months. It took another five years of editing and procrastinating until I held the finished book in my hands.

Since then, moving back to Kent, I have been writing short stories and filling up more sketch books of ideas. As well writing and books, one of my other passions is music. My day job is running a record shop – other dream jobs would be working in nature, planting trees, or bass player in a reggae band (I can’t play the bass; I don’t own a bass. But look at the smiles on those guy’s faces . . .).  You might notice that I have not recently been uploading many articles to my site. This is because I have been working on “things” that I am not currently at liberty to share, aiming to fulfil further ambitions (sadly they don’t include trees or bass guitars; but I am happy to say that I did recently plant a tree). I can’t wait to tell you what they are. Until then, I hope that you enjoy my existing works . . .

Please do always feel free to get in touch and tell me what you think. I love to hear from you, whoever you might be. (Unless you are one of the people that I have based one of my Tales From A Record Shop on. That could get awkward.)

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